Cohere Platform

The Cohere Platform supports Cohere Unify™ and Cohere Complete™ with touchless and predictive technologies, evidence-based clinical content, and other advanced technical capabilities.

Touchless Technologies

Our technologies reduce or eliminate manual steps toward creating an end-to-end fully automated prior authorization process.



Clinical Decisioning Engine

Predictive Technologies

These innovative technologies enable prediction of the “next likely step” or “next best action.”

This predictive capability enables health plans to virtually eliminate prior authorization workflow steps. Instead, the system can automatically craft specific care plans based on patient and population auth and claims data, including multiple services that can all be pre-approved up front before they are even requested.

Features Include

Multiple source data consolidation
enabling a holistic patient
clinical record
Simulation of next steps/next actions
to aid in manual decisions
AI, including machine learning,
to leverage consolidated data for automated guidance and decisioning
Analytics layer
to present predictive and
other insights in real time

Clinical Content

Evidence-based clinical criteria for select specialties that inform our touchless and predictive technologies.

Advanced Technical Specifications

The Cohere Platform includes the latest technological capabilities and standards, including:


eliminates the need for
internal hosting


fully HITRUST-certified


compliant with FHIR, 278, and other widely-accepted standards


rules configuration and deployment proven to scale over multi-million+ transactions


eliminates the need for
proven single sign-on capabilities with Availity, NaviNet, and other common portal technologies

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The Tech-Powered Shift from Transactional to Transformational Prior Authorization

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